Summer Drop 2024

Summer Drop 2024 is graceful, elegant, and sophisticated. The collection features smooth, undulating forms and drapery, evoking imagery of a light breeze, swaying grass, or the curves of waves. Each person forms their own associations with it.

The collection prominently showcases viscose: textured, crepe, or with a satin finish. It is complemented by cotton and fine wool, creating a comfortable, summer-friendly combination. The clothing lineup includes mini dresses, classic suit with mini skirt, wrap-around long dress, bermuda shorts, high-waisted long skirt, tank top with wide straps and ribbed t-shirt.

Additionally, the drop introduces an expanded assortment of accessories: three bag models, brass earrings, and a pearl set. The centerpiece of the accessories variety is a locket pendant, created to preserve exceptional moments and the people who occupy a special place in our hearts.

Viktoria Ivleva

Photographer – Nadiya Berska
Make-up and hair stylist - Margaryta Bondarenko
Producers: Olena Krykun, Natalia Shevtsova